Personal coaching

Sourrounded by „yes-man“?

The step on the way to
authentic personality

The CEO of a company consulted by us, once described his situation, representative for many others, as follows:
„The higher you climb the career ladder, the less criticism you will meet from your proximate business environment. This was, however, at all times the basis of my personal development. By eliminating or at least reducing the feedback – whether praise or criticism – the self-assessment blurs. The self-perception undergoes a transformation process and will soon be perceived as perfect: if nobody has any objections, it is certainly right, what I am doing.“

The devastating effect of this situation is that any development setbacks – or even defeats – are then not perceived as such initially. And even if they were recognised, they are not associated with oneself as the causatively responsible person. People will start drawing wrong conclusions, and, as a consequence, take suboptimal decisions. They will not critically question their own performance and responsibility. The resulting personal development is thus excluded.

We offer you as a responsible leader the opportunity to have your self-image reviewed and compared with the public image by an external coach. You will receive unusually open, practical, and direct feedback on your areas of expertise. We will reflect on your individual performance in taking decisions and meeting challenges entailed in your leadership position, or in one of your primary tasks, such as the leading motivator of your organisation.

We look at your personal performance as a key account manager or sales and relationship manager directly and intensely, also in typical customer situations. Straight feedback and feasible instructions for all your sales and marketing tasks supply you with a greater variety of action alternatives.

For every individual in a team or an organisation, personal coaching represents a real opportunity to perceive their own achievements and their personal behaviour in challenging situations as well as in daily business from a completely different point of view. The methods developed in the coaching process will lead to a faster and more targeted career advancement.