Value coaching

The values of the Old World are obsolete?


The step on the way to
opportunity management

Global Business, the speed at which decisions must be taken, the indispensable and constant readiness and accessibility are typical features of the economic world around us. The Arab and Asian economic regions characterise themselves as the faster and younger world as opposed to our Old World, sluggishly implementing decision-making procedures.

Eliminating this historically evolved and alleged disadvantage involves reassessment of your own practices and beliefs – both globally and within your familiar surroundings. In this way, old and new values are compared, raising the awareness for imperatives in development.

In value coaching, we attempt to harmonise your own individual values with the values of your business environment. Only by reaching this goal, an internal and external transformation becomes feasible. Wherever your own personal values stand elementarily opposed towards the values of your environment, energy will be blocked, suffocating the motivation required to fulfil the task. Loyalty, commitment, courage, and dedication depend on a fruitful environment in order to bloom and blossom.

Value coaching supports you as a responsible leader in taking your strategic decisions and in finding your position in challenging situations.

There will be a juxtaposition of your own values and the values expected or already existing in business relations. You may compare the value systems and examine them with regard to their developable intersections.

For teams and organisations, the implementation of value coaching entails a variety of effective developments. These coaching measures will, for instance, enable the participants to recognise the differences between actual and targeted value structures. Based on this knowledge, they will be able to implement some necessary and appropriate qualification measures. They will be able to relate to the real causes of insufficient performance and lacking motivation and find targeted remedies.