People make the difference. They are the
source of your success.

We explore the strengths and opportunities of the people involved in your company and develop ways to tap the full potential.


You would prefer individual consulting and approach:

We gather the information needed for the success of the Change Project in interviews with some of your key players, using a specified catalogue of questions. In these interviews, procedures and action methods are collected and compiled to provide a consistent picture. The results are immediately integrated into our conceptualisation of your project. Thus, we adapt all further steps to the particular situation of your company.


You believe that professionalism is also somehow interrelated to knowledge:

An industry and company specific research completes our conceptual preparation. Knowing your market and its influence on your business success is key to our project work. Knowledge about your direct competitors and their strengths and weaknesses provides you with the safety of knowing that you are on the right path.

Value profile

You want to achieve sustainable goals:

Values are those environmental variables which we are moving towards or veering away from. All our decisions are based on values we are usually not aware of.
The value profile of your organisation will be created in our IT system, delivering us a significant basis for our change process and thus ensuring its sustainability.
In order to provide you with some deep insight into your organisation and its value and motivation structure, we use the value profile™ in our capacity as licensed value manager.

Conceptual design and consulting service

You want to know what we are going to achieve jointly:

We design your project individually and target-oriented on the basis of the information retrieved and of your predefined expectations and goals.
The milestones and a distinct definition of success will be determined jointly. We offer comprehensive consultation, involving all participants of the change process and their interactive roles within the system.

We coordinate the steps previously mentioned with you and use them in case they offer a benefit to your Change Project.