Sales Skills Advanced

You practise successful techniques and communication methods for sales-oriented dealings with existing and prospective clients as well as for intensifying and strengthening the relationship to your customer in feasible and easy-to-comprehend steps. Covering the range from first contact by phone to the final concluding stage of a personal interview, the significant tools and skills are developed further. With the help of prepared case studies, the target-oriented theoretical content is transmitted and immediately put into practice and practised. With the help of the developed video sequences personal perception of oneself as well as team observation are strengthened. Through this, you reach your individual and professional Sales Profile.

Among the topics are:

  • Enhancing personal performance in conversational situations
  • Creating a constructive atmosphere
  • Professional transitions in conversations
  • Handling critical situations in mandate talks successfully
  • Overcoming objections professionally – Hardseller’s Strategies 1
  • Recognizing motivation, investment strategy and philosophy
  • Closing techniques for practical use
  • Increasing self-confidence when the contract is about to be concluded
  • Examples of wordings for pro-active conclusion
  • Recognizing the customer’s conclusion signals
  • Creating and using X-Selling occasions