Sales Skills One

The participants of this workshop get to know the most efficient methods for customer-oriented behaviour in varied conversation situations. Phone calls as well as face-to-face talks with customers and prospects represent a great challenge especially for employees who until then have only little experience. How do I handle stage fright, for example, or ‚difficult clients‘ or challenging situations calmly and successfully? Which expressions should I use for maximum customer-orientation and how do I achieve my aims when doing so? These and other questions important to juniors and intermediates will be answered in this workshop. In video-assisted role plays the newly learned tools and skills are immediately put into practice and optimised by constructive feedback.

Among the topics are:

  • Successful acquisition performance – attitude towards the sales task
  • The Sales Skills – basic criteria
  • Seller types: From missionary to the customer’s partner
  • Behaviour during first customer contacts
  • Making customer-oriented phone calls
  • Overcoming gatekeeper situations
  • Dealing with further challenges on the phone
  • Rhetorical use of voice and language
  • Convincing use of body language (gestures, mimics, posture)
  • Avoiding typical mistakes of speech and presentations
  • Professional preparation for customer interviews
  • Improving personal performance in face-to-face discussions
  • The 5 phases of the conversation with the customer
  • Presenting convincingly to small boards
  • Using presentation media effectively