Talent Excellence in Sales

In this series of workshops, the behavioural skills of employees close to the client are effectively strengthened. Negotiation skills are further developed, price and negotiation confidence are created. Participants that have been classified as Talent in Sales follow an intensive coaching program, which will render them more resilient and successful even in the most difficult presentation and negotiation situations. Motivation and creativity for upcoming challenges in customer contact are improved.

The workshops are determined by conveying and practising tools and skills for sophisticated and challenging negotiation and presentation situations with demanding customers, that can be put into practice. Video sequences intensify the contents for the participants and are complemented by constructive and individual feedback.

Among the topics are:

  • Advanced emotional Sales and Relationship Management
  • IInnovative ways to more Sales Success – creativity in Marketing
  • Confidence in negotiations by mastering the most successful negotiation strategies
  • Perfectly analyzing the body language of the person you are talking to
  • Understanding human nature – how to interpret micro expressions and physiognomy
  • Steering conversations successfully by „Framing and Re-Framing“, “Maieutics and Elenctics” and “Pacing and Leading”
  • Enhancing personal intuition and empathy
  • Development of a personality – using personal strengths, translating opportunities into personal success
  • Intensifying customer relationships and expanding them economically
  • Price negotiations in customer talks: The „Price-Stable-Concept“
  • Recognizing and using sales potentials
  • Hardseller’s Strategies 2 – 10 negotiation strategies for challenging situations

A sequence of 4 one-day intensive workshops for a maximum of 4 participants from Sales and / or Relationship Management